Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Projects

Obviously I'm going to be very busy this summer. I'm job hunting, starting Craft Academy, updating my Etsy shop, probably redesigning my blog (time for a facelift, right?), and continuing to work on my portfolio. But aside from all that "work" (hehe), I'd like to throw in some fun, personal projects. Here are a few I have my eye on...
Fruity trivets and potholders via the Purl Bee (aren't these adorable?!)
I'm thinking the lime is my fav, but I may make a new color combo to make apples! Which would you do?

Rainbow cupcakes! (Lemon Drop Rainbow Cupcakes via Bite Size Baker)
I love rainbows and I love cupcakes. So...makes sense, right? :)
The Danielle Dress, a free pattern on BurdaStyle
This dress should be pretty easy to modify - neckline, length, sleeves, etc. And it's so simple and cute! I'm excited to make another dress ^_^ (Plus it's on my 2010 goals!)

Or maybe I'll make this Work Dress (it's a wrap style), also on BurdaStyle.
It's pretty nifty, not to mention handy! I looove pockets.

Crocheted Dishcloths via Lion Brand Yarn
 I think my favorite thing might actually be the colors :P

Root beer cookies?! That just sounds awesome! [Recipe here, but via The Dainty Squid] I also found some Dr. Pepper chocolate cake mix, so I may have to try to make my own recipe for that...It's going to be a tasty summer!

I'd also like to knit (or maybe crochet) a small shrug. I haven't found the perfect free pattern yet though. Anyone have one to share? Aside from these, we'll probably also be working on our apartment...I love redecorating :D And Alex and I are thinking of getting me an old Honda motorcycle to rebuild.......but that may be a more distant project. But I can still think about it this summer ;D

What just-for-fun projects are you working on this summer?


  1. Those are some really cute projects! I have tons of projects I want to try this summer but I'm mostly going to focus on Craft Academy right now because I'm so slow at finishing projects. My big goal for the summer is to turn my extra bedroom into a craft room! I can't wait!!!

  2. those are awesome!!!
    I want to finish my hexagon blanket and learn how to crochet an unicorn for my daughter! Big goals I know!!