Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Lovin'

We'll have us a BLAST!
Why am I so excited about Craft Academy's Summer Lovin? Renée and I got together and created 7 weeks of everything we would want in a summer craft class. It'll be the best because:
  1. It's full of video tutorials, which means you'll see every step! This means a lot to me, because sometimes I've gotten lost with written descriptions. No step can be left out when you see it all!
  2. Renee and I will host live chats each week. Questions, comments, GIVEAWAYS - it'll all happen in the chats. That way any questions about the projects will be answered AND we can get to know one another :)
  3. There'll be personalized feedback for each project. When I take a class, I want someone to really look at my work. Therefore, we'll really look at yours!
  4. We chose our favorite projects! Our three categories are travel, the beach, and picnics - the best summer activities! I'll be teaching you how to make personalized, handmade products to make your summer extra special! We'll be sewing, painting, and embroidering. Super cute projects for any skill level :D
I can't wait to get started!!!

Make this summer a crafty one! Earn your wings with Craft Academy :)
(You have until midnight to get the class for only $50!)


  1. If this wasn't my last semester of Grad school I would SOO be in!!! BUT I saw on the site that you'll have other classes!! EEK!!! That makes me happy!!
    Wishing you lots of luck!!!!