Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Happening!

1. I've already jotted down a schedule to try out!

2. Wanna help? (kidding...sorta ;)) shop

3. Paintings that inspire me:

Marcelo Pambo (via artnet)

 Takashi Murakami (via Art Radar Asia)

4. Something like...

(via knitty - patterns: holla and surface)

5. I'd love something like these from Anthropologie

6. Craft Riot by Etsy Austin, definitely! Looking into others, too :)

7. Definitely would be more organized. (And I love organization.)

8. I'd been thinking about it, and then seeing this:

...put my over the edge. I'm doing it.
(work of Elsie at A Beautiful Mess)

9.This one is pretty:

10. It's started with my bestie, but not quite ready to be viewed yet ;-)


  1. I'm also going to:
    make and bind a book
    design (and print!) my own fabric
    make some more felt animals
    add photos to my poor, neglected flickr
    screen print again
    design a tshirt for threadless or woot.shirt

    And that's all, or I won't get it all done!!

  2. I made the list! And yes, I will help you accomplish at least one of your 2010 craft goals.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog today, and I love your list! I always want to make New Year's Goals, but I always get so mad when I don't finish them! A craft list seems so much more fun!

  4. ok for some reason I thought I was following you, but just realized I wasn't. Problem fixed :D Added your goal list to my blog <3

  5. Hmm I definitely have similar goals! I hope you are successful :) Happy Holidays!!