Sunday, June 13, 2010

You Amaze Me, Wine Bottles

Today we're taking a look at beautifully designed wine bottles. I think everyone has chosen wine based solely on the label. I think Alex and I are even worse because we're graphic designers! One day we'll learn about wine, but until then we sit and ponder over which is the best designed label before we buy (haha). Check out these awesome wine bottles!

This first one is actually a concept design (by Death By Colour), but I'd buy it!

As the wine disappears, the label becomes clearer! How neat :D

Simple and beautiful:

Clever promotional packaging:

Prettyyyy and eco-friendly:

Monster Vineyards by Brandever:

Okay, the casing of this wine turns into a lamp. Awesome. Check it out here.

Maybe I should just become a product/packaging designer. How fun would that be?! In the meantime, I am impressed and awed by great wine labels and packaging :)


  1. AH I LOVE wine bottles! so elegant/pretty/classy. these are beautiful! =)

  2. I have done the same! I drank a wine one night that I only called the "cat one" because it had a pretty kitty on it and tasted wonderful!!!