Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Fun :)

I'm usually the gift-wrapper in our home, but Alex totally amazed us both this weekend! Check out this awesome wrapping job:
Yes, that is silver wrapping paper, duct tape, and wire. We've named it "industrial chic."
Aren't they just perfect for Father's Day?!

It was a fun weekend :) We've been out of town so much that it was nice just to be home! And I might've been a little camera happy...

Please excuse all the dog tweets and photos as of late. I think he's being extra cute because we've been so busy lately - our puppy missed us!

Chase really hates car rides, but he puts up with it if he knows he's going to Alex's parents' house! Grandma give him lots of treats :P

 Love this photo of Alex and his sister!

And of course, the man of the hour, with his new pink shirt (from his bro-in-law :P).
Hopefully we'll go visit my parents soon and we can celebrate with my dad, too!

It was such a lovely weekend...=)

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