Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love camping. I'm an outdoorsy type (although I hate the heat >_<). I've actually gone camping in both extremes though. Well, as extreme as Texas gets anyway. We went camping in August once (a mild August, I think it was just in the upper 90s), and we camped several times over New Year's (temps in the 20s). I love being able to disconnect and just spend time with nature ♥ At first I was going to throw in some beautiful photos from weheartit, but now I've decided to share with you some personal photos instead. I hope that's ok?
(This was our first camping trip! Yeah, he's whittling :D)
(This was the August trip. Couldn't sleep the first night, so we got a fan! haha)
(This was one of our New Year's camping trips. I believe the sentiment was "Never again.")

Ah, nostalgia....I mean, er, Ah, camping :-) Soon it will happen again! Looks like we may be in for another August trip...And maybe I'll give you the pretty found camping photos later ;) Happy Wednesday :D

Any other campers out there?


  1. I love camping! great photos! where do you like to camp? we camp at a different state park almost everytime. :P


  2. Great photos! We just bought our first camper. We used to tent a lot before the kids were born, and we are going camping for the first time in years this week-end. I can hardly wait!

  3. I love camping even though I've only been a couple times. We made it a goal to go camping this year since last year we didn't go at all. I can't wait to camp with the dogs too: )

    Do you bring your dog?

  4. I haven't been camping in forever because of the heat! I am a WIMP! But I want to do it more often! Now that my baby is almost 6 (sniff sniff) it feels a little more possible as a family!!
    love the pictures and thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Yay camping! I recently went to Lost Maples, and this weekend I'll be riding out to McKinney Falls with some friends (that's right, on our bikes!) to camp there. The Hill Country is perfect for us outdoorsy types. ;-D

  6. Wonderful! I'm glad other people love camping too :)
    Maggie, that is awesome! Some of these pics are from McKinney Falls :D

  7. Love it!! I know I'm late with the comments, but I miss camping with you guys. We haven't been yet up here, and I just don't know if it would be the same without you guys.

    It seems like I was the only one on NYE with that sentiment. You guys all seemed so enthusiastic to go back!