Thursday, June 10, 2010

Steampunk Costumes

I told you I'd share steampunk costumes with you, so here they are! Please forgive the bad lighting...I blame the hotel. One of my friends has a much better camera, and I'm hoping he'll send me some better photos soon! ^_^

A cute steampunk fairy:
Some steampunk couples:
A western-style steampunk group (I ♥ these costumes so much!):
Amazing Alice in Wonderland steampunk group (the Mad Hatter had an AMAZING backpack, but I couldn't snag a photo >_< He could pour tea from his cane!!!!):
And my group + some other Austinites we met :)
I'll show you if I can get a better photo of my costume! Steampunk is really just so much fun...I love seeing what people come up with!


  1. WOW!! That looks like so much fun! Your costume turned out great!

  2. You guys look great! And your skirt turned out really nice.
    Man, steampunks are the coolest: )

  3. wow such awesome costumes!!!!

  4. WOW! very very very cool!!!!

  5. So that's what Jimmie's vest looked like! I was hoping it would turn out well. He told me about the goggles but I've never seen them.
    As promised, you guys all look wonderful!