Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Amaze Me, Alphabet Furniture

For some reason, I'm completely in love with letters. It must be the graphic designer part of me. We have a couple 8" A's in our bookcases (for Alex & AJ), but I would love a whole display. Of course giant letters can be really cheesy (see millions of little girls' rooms), but they can also look quite stunning!

Check out this awesome letter bookcase by Pieter de Leeuw:

Or these great alphabet drawers by Kent and London:

Or this beautiful letterpress wall art by Andy Beers:

The Dharma Lounge - "Stand, Forget, Breathe, Acknowledge & Observe" - by Palette Industries:

LOVE this alphabet furniture by Set26 - comes in all 26 letters!

Is it a bench? A lamp? An art piece? It's Futura by Modo Luce:
I think I just need an entire house made out of letters. Don't you think? :)

Thanks for reading, and happy Sunday!

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