Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Etsy Finds: Greeting Cards

I searched Etsy high and low to find some awesome greeting cards! I love all of these for separate reasons :D

I love this Thank You Card by finedaypress for its simple beauty.
I love these Woohoo Greeting Cards by IttyBittyPress because they're exciting!
I love this Nerd Greeting Card by InvitaPaperStudio because I'm a nerd (and it has a great style!):
I love this Make a Wish card by craftedbylindy because it has cupcakes AND a polaroid!
I love this City Scape greeting card by blancucha for its modern, architectural design:
I love this Get well card by DankhCreations because band-aids are cute:
I love this Bling Bling engagement card by claireeyedesign because it's funny (and it rhymes!).
I love this You Rock greeting card by glademade because sometimes that's all you need to say:
I love this Sweet greeting card by LittleLadyCompany because it's short and sweet ;)
I love these Illustrated cards by SomethingBunny for the awesome illutrations!

So many lovely cards! Well done, Etsians :)
PS: Soon I hope to have some cards in my shop, too ;)


  1. those are all so cute. I love how different each one is and they are all each amazing!

    I hope you have cards too!!! I bet you have lots of great ideas!!!

  2. Great finds! I think the first is my favorite, although I *love* the Polaroid, too (of course!).

  3. Lovely post! Thank you so much for including me with these other amazing Etsians!