Monday, June 28, 2010

Texas Summer

I don't like the heat. Anything over 78 is really just too hot unless you're in water. However, there are some beautiful things about Texas summer that I just love. This weekend I walked around my neighborhood to photograph some of those things. Do you have any favorites?

Cool grass between my toes

Swimming day or night

Warm stones beneath my feet

The sound of cicadas singing

And of course, the biggest clouds I've ever seen

Ah, Texas summer ♥


  1. lol, yep, that sounds like texas summer. I don't like the heat either, so I try to stay in the A/C. :)

  2. I am not a fan of the heat but it does let me play in the pool more!!!! But there is no where else I'd rather be than Texas!!!

  3. I have never actually seen a cicada before. I hear them all the time. They are kinda creepy! I love the sky pictures!!! I think I have some sky pictures I'm going to post this week, too (like that's a surprise!). Great pictures!!! :)