Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today we remember those loved and lost in service to our country. I am lucky enough to have not lost any family or friends to war, but my thoughts are with those who have. On Memorial Day I always think of my grandfather, who fought in the Air Force during World War II. My family was blessed that he made it home to raise his family, and pass away years later doing what he loved. My grandmother, now passed, kept many mementos from his time of service. My father has letters and newspaper clippings she saved from all those years ago; my sister and I each have a bag of his from the war. While I did not know him as a soldier, I know it shaped who he was and am grateful that I was able to learn about it through keepsakes and stories.

Who do you remember on this day?

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  1. Most of my family is currently serving, or has served in some branch of the military. Thanks for thinking of our servicemen/women on such an important day! :-)