Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Amaze Me: Sewing Machines

Every time I sit down to my sewing machine (I have my grandmother's vintage Necchi Supernova), I am in awe of its mechanics. Who sat down and thought, I can make a machine for this! It's amazing. So today I leave you with some amazing sewing machines:

Elias Howe's lockstitch machine, invented 1845 (via Wikipedia)
A look-a-like of my machine, c. 1956 (source)
A quilted cupcake sewing machine! (source)
A cute little Hello Kitty sewing machine from Target
The future of sewing machines! The belOga by Kristine Br├╝ckner (source)
(This is seriously cool. Touch screen, view of the stitch before you start, lenses to see inside, self spooling...Oh, I wish it were in production...)

And a beautiful toy sewing machine (source)
(I want my future kids to have this.)

Do you have a beautiful sewing machine? Feel free to post links to photos!
Happy Sunday :D


  1. My life would be a lot emptier without my sewing machine - great post!

  2. Oh my gosh that futuristic machine looks AMAZING. I have a fairly new Brother machine, and a beautiful 1960s baby-blue Harris:

  3. I have a Kenmore Mini Ultra. It's small and cheap, but it does the job.

    I also have an old school Singer electric with attached table that my dad found for me, but it's stuck in Arizona because I forgot it when we movedT_T

    My next machine I'll have to decorate! I love it when people do that: )

  4. Omg, I love that futuristic machine! so cool!
    and I wanted to tell you that I got your ACEO, and I *LOVE* it. seriously, its amazing. :)
    Hope you get yours soon!

  5. Thanks, Alli :) I'm so glad I have one, too!

    Pretty sewing machine, Amy!

    Suzy, if you decorate yours, you'll have to show us!

    If that belOga ever comes out, I'm getting it. I love mine, but it's sooo heavy and difficult sometimes >_<

    I'm glad you like it, Katie!!! :) I love mine, too!

  6. I love sewing machines! The one with buttons all over it is very cute. I have two sewing machines and they were both given to me (Thank goodness!). I really want a Singer Featherweight for my quilting. They sew so, they look cool! :)

    Your blog is great!!!