Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Threads #5

Today's Thursday Threads post is about GLASSES.
Yes, glasses are in. [...right?]
When I was 6 years old, I nearly convinced my eye doctor to prescribe me glasses because I wanted them so much. In the end, it's probably better I don't have glasses - they'd be lost, scratched, crushed, etc. But seeing all the awesome frames out there now...I have to say I want them again!
 (Boys in glasses are sexy, don't you think?)
I love colored frames...Wouldn't I look cute in these purple ones?
Ah, glasses....I love you.

PS: Last week's Thursday Threads post weirdly didn't get posted last week. See it here :)
PPS: I really want these Nerdy Heart Glasses by Steppie!
(all images except the last from weheartit)


  1. I luuurve nerdy glasses. Probably just because I've had to wear them since 4th grade and nerd-chic is FINALLY in style. I knew I'd get my cake one day, and eat it too :)

  2. That cracks me up! I never wear my glasses lol and I really should!