Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy Saturday, again

Saturday was crazy busy again! I worked on some new ACEOs, which was awesome. I can't show some of them, because they are on the way to recipients ;) But here are a couple new ones:

I really just wanted to draw all day, but things needed to be done! Before I could meet my hubby for lunch (which was wonderful!), I had to run by the Post Office to drop off three envelopes for ACEO swaps! [I may have to organize a larger ACEO swap some time ;)] I had fun decorating the packages:

After lunch with the hubby, I went by Kick Butt Coffee to see if it would be a suitable place for Knit for a Cause (Tuesday, March 16 - you should come!). I think it'll work out. I wanted somewhere a little north, to make it easier on people coming from that direction. I just need to call and talk to the manager tomorrow :) AND I contacted a few local yarn shops to see if they'll donate. Should know soon!

Then I got to photograph products and upload my GIVEAWAY post! Make sure you enter :)
Of course, I still have a long list of things to do! I've got laundry, a workout, lots of stuff for Etsy Austin, and this embroidery that doesn't seem to want to embroider itself...

Anyway, I hope you had a fun and productive/relaxing (whichever works for you) Saturday! Until next time, Moxy and I bid you farewell!

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  1. Ooh, your new aceo's are soo cute! I cant wait to get & see what mine is!
    xoxo, Katie