Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Shopping

For my birthday, my mother-in-law took me shopping. (Have I mentioned how awesome it is to get along with one's in-laws?!) It was a lot of fun! I'm really not a big shopper (partly because I'm so frugal no doubt), so it was exciting to actually get some clothes for spring! This is really the first year I've felt very 'fashionable' at all, and I'm trying to completely embrace it - in my own way, of course.

First up, shoes. I needed some more casual flats (I can't wear open-toed shoes to work) that would look good with skirts or shorts. I was looking for black, but I found these:
They are Simple Shoes - super comfy, totally cute, and eco-friendly! Made from recycled and organic materials. The shoe glue is water instead of petroleum based. Even the box is made from recycled paper. (Can you tell I'm enthralled?)

Next up, spring basics and Banana Republic:

Timeless tanks in a couple of colors, and a gorgeous spring scarf (actually in yellow).

And finally a couple outfits to go from New York & Company:
 A dress that actually makes me look skinny. I never thought I'd see the day. AMAZING. And this romper I mainly tried on as a joke, but mom-in-law saw and said, "We're getting that one." Haha - it actually looks pretty good! Especially paired with my new yellow scarf ;)

It must have been frustrating to take me shopping when I was younger. I wouldn't wear anything too girly, too low-cut (meaning below the collarbone :P), anything that even looked like it might be poor mother. Now I'm much more open to new styles, and trying things that I would never have thought would look good. I'm learning! Half the things I got Saturday are items I tried on a whim, never guessing they'd actually work!

My challenge: Next time you go shopping, try on at least 3 things you'd never have dared to before. Let me know how it works out!


  1. I really like my mother-in-law too: ) We get along great, which I'm so grateful for.

    Those shoes are so cute! I love Simple shoes! I wear mine all the time.

    And next time I shop, I'll definitely take on your challenge^_~

  2. Great shoes!! Glad you had fun!

  3. Oh my goodness, you scored!

    When I wrote my Spring favorites blog I meant to include those Simple flats, but some how they didn't make it from my downloads to my blog. Are they comfy? I'm thinking about going down to my local REI and purchasing a pair!

  4. Loooove my Simple shoes!! I highly recommend them :)