Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Market Signs

First of all, I'd like to thank both Katie and Ails for the "Beautiful Blogger" award. It really means so much to me!! I'll be working on sending out my awards soon :D

For some reason I absolutely love the signs I made for the market (now for the next market :P). Here are a few for your enjoyment!

I think part of it was that I made them mainly for my own enjoyment :) That really helps when creating, don't you think? I've been drawing a LOT lately. I absolutely love it. I uploaded a lot of pics to my Flickr, if you'd like to see :) [The new ACEOs aren't in the shop yet, but I can list them if you'd like one!] I'm also working on a submission to a t-shirt design contest. It's totally geeky, but I'm having fun with it. Maybe I'll let you see when I'm done ;)

Here's hoping for a great Tuesday! Lots of love!


  1. Love your signs!! They are so cute!

  2. The are adorable - I love your drawings!

  3. They're fab, I need to something like this for my next summer fair...I don't think my drawings will come close to yours though!

  4. Your drawings are so cute! Love the signs!