Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nerrrd Party Ideas?

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got back from seeing The Flaming Idiots at the Zach Scott Theater (it was my friend's bday gift to Alex and me), followed by ice cream from Amy's! I had Girl Scout thin mint ice cream with hot fudge. Yummmm

ANYWAY! My BIRTHDAY is Sunday! I just love birthdays!! Don't you??
My birthday party is this Friday, and I'm doing a NERD THEME.
How awesome is that?! [Okay, the hot fudge may be kicking in, but it is awesome.] Here's what I've got: cupcakes with dino and nerd glasses toppers (um yeah, I'm that awesome), streamers (woohoo!), a giant polaroid for photos (too excited to keep that surprise!), great costumes, and Atari games. Do you have any other ideas that would be completely AWESOME?! Just checking :)
Speaking of my awesome, have you entered my birthday giveaway yet?
You should. :-)
(images from weheartit)