Friday, March 5, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair Austin

Bad news first: I won't be here for Renegade Austin. I suddenly realized that Renegade Austin is the same weekend as my sister's wedding!! So I will instead be having fun in New Orleans ;D But I'm sad I won't get to see everyone & everything at Renegade :(

GOOD news: There are so many awesome vendors!!!! If you're there, wanna pick me up one of these? ;)

An adorable elephant clock by Enid:

This Beautiful Hills print by LeahDuncan:

Blue Record Hair Pins by Robo Roku:

Gorgeous Three Leaves Necklace by alisamiller:

Read the Fine Print cylinder by CircaCeramics:

Dark Desert Handbag by CutOutAndCollect:

Hello Day! Wooden Necklace by PamelaMichelle:

Yes, I think that will hold me over. So sad I'm going to miss it! Although my bank account will probably thank me ;) If anyone's coming in to town early and wants to meet up Thursday evening, let me know!


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