Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birds of a Feather

In case you hadn't heard, 8 girls from around the world (yes, that includes me :P) have started a blog together! It's called Birds of a Feather (I thought it was fitting). Every day a new post is made, ranging from recipes to fashion to eco-friendly DIYs. I'll be posting every Saturday on  COLOR! Yay! I did my first post - Yellow Says Springtime - today :D It's a bit of color inspiration followed by a quick wardrobe tip. Hope you like it!
You may also notice the new banner in the side bar ^_^ You can go to the new blog and add one to yours if you want ;) I'm hoping to make one for my own blog soon! Maybe some of us can do a banner swap?

Well, I'm off to help a friend on her first fabric shopping experience and then I'm going for a little birthday shopping trip with my mom-in-law. And hopefully tonight I'll get to see a friend :D Busy day! Have a happy Saturday! :-)


  1. hey!
    just coming from that blog actually :)
    love the yellow post, and the others prior, but every time i try to leave a comment, the word verifier box is messed up and hidden... not sure if anyone else has that problem, but it's happened to me a few days in a row now...
    (yellow is my go-to happy colour - love it!)
    hope you're having a great weekend,

  2. Hmm...I commented and it's not there. Let's try that again...

    I love fabric shopping!!! Where do you go to buy fabric in Austin? I'm trying to find some good places. Have a great day!!

  3. Oops...I almost forgot to tell you that I passed on the Beatiful Blogger award to you today. Your blog is great and always brightens my day. :)

  4. I'd love to swap blog buttons when you make some!
    I'm having the same trouble as Mel when I try to comment on the birs of a fetaher site. :(

  5. Aw, that's a cute blog!

  6. Commenting on Birds of a Feather is fixed now! Thanks for letting me know about the bug :) And thank you for the encouraging words!

    For fabric in Austin, I love the Stitch Lab on 2. 1st, and I just discovered the Common Thread on S. Lamar - both awesome local places!

    Katie, I'll definitely contact you when I have one ready ;)

    Thanks, Suzy :D