Sunday, March 28, 2010

You Amaze Me: Farmers Markets

I am lucky to live in a city rich with local markets, to be able to see the bright colors and friendly faces of people able to sell their hand-picked produce and handmade goods locally. It's hard to beat fresh, locally grown, organic produce. Maybe it's impossible. I just feel better knowing that my food isn't laced with chemicals; that it hasn't been trucked across country; that it is fresh from the ground. Of course, sometimes we just can't afford it and that's okay too. But I love wandering through a farmers market, taking in the sights, sounds, and scents. So today, farmers markets, you amaze me.

Plus, isn't fresh produce just pretty? ;-) Have a happy Sunday!
(images from weheartit)


  1. Take me with you to one sometime! I went to a place that said it was a farmer's market, but inside it looked like any other grocery store, with more 'organic' labels and much higher prices. I want to find someone that sells their own honey.:)