Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tie-Dye Cupcakes!

In case you missed it in my Summer Projects post, I've had a hankering for rainbow cupcakes! Yesterday some friends invited us over for dinner, so I had a delicious opportunity to make some :D I'll admit, I cheated. I used a confetti cake mix (I never do that!). But I did color them myself :) You may remember that I made some (amazing) red velvet cupcakes for my birthday this year...Well, due to the boys being unable to find a large red food coloring bottle, we ended up with three multi-colored packages. So when I reached for the food coloring to make my rainbow, I discovered lots of yellow, green, and blue. I improvised - tie dye cupcakes. Perfect! Yellow, yellow-green, green, turquoise, and blue!

(Anyone else think it's strange that yellow food coloring looks orange?)
(LOVE these colorful wrappers!)
(Fresh out of the oven - mmm)
(Taste test!)

They turned out rather nicely, if I do say so myself ^_^ I topped them off with chocolate frosting, and everyone enjoyed them! *yay*


  1. these look and sound awesome!!! yeah to fun cupcakes!!

  2. I love these, just made some myself! Check 'em out at http://dafoodieadventures.blogspot.com/ \

    Great Blog!