Sunday, July 11, 2010

You Amaze Me, Pixar

Pixar made animation cool again. Can you imagine how our parents must have felt, being dragged to see The Little Mermaid? But Pixar films...those are actually fun for the whole family! My husband and I recently went to see Toy Story 3.

AMAZING movie! I can't believe the original Toy Story, the one that started it all, came about nearly 15 years ago. And do you know why they decided to make a movie about toys? Because their 3D animations always looked like plastic. Genius is in the simplicity.

Over the last decade they have made tons of great movies! I count several of them in my favorite movie category. I love that they layer in the kid jokes with adult ones, easy to follow themes with deeper ones, and wrap it all up in a beautiful package.

Who would have thought that children would love a movie that begins with no humans even? Yet Wall-e captured the hearts of kids everywhere! And it had a let's-save-the-environment theme. Awesome.

And they completely outdid themselves with Up. I'll admit it, I teared up. And after it was over, Alex and I raved about how amazing the textures and lighting were. Can you imagine how much it took to create those balloons?! And his suit! (We're nerds.) Still, Pixar movies are magical.

This wouldn't be complete without mentioning the short films. They are both adorable and meaningful. I can't watch The Incredibles without watching Jack Jack Attack. And who doesn't love this old man??

I just love Pixar. Gorgeous, genius, ground-breaking, and guffaw-worthy. I can't think of one I wouldn't want to see again. Which is your favorite?

[And, if you haven't seen it, you must check out the Pixar character size chart by graphic designer Juan Pablo Bravo. AWESOME.]


  1. I have to say Wall-E is my favorite: ) I love the characters and the simplicity of the whole movie. And it's like Idiocracy but for kids, hee hee.

    I just love how you'll know you'll always get a wonderful high quality movie with Pixar. And it's awesome they are all Apple and Studio Ghibli fans;D

  2. You are right! Pixar is just plain magical! I can't even pick a favorite because everytime I see a new one it's my favorite. I would watch them all over and over again! :)

  3. LOVE LOVE Pixar!!! I love how the whole family can enjoy the movies!! And to see them from the artistic side, they are beautiful and amazing! I remember watching the first Toy Story and being amazed at how well they did the shadows, Buzz's face reflecting off of his mask...

  4. Dang, Pixar is the greatest. We named our pup after EVE (her name is Evaaaaa!) and I'm simply enamored of all the other Pixar films too. What can I say! I'm a child at heart :)