Friday, July 16, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Great

Many years ago, a girl told me that every evening her family would each say one good thing, one bad thing, and their favorite thing that happened that day. I thought, and still think, it's a brilliant idea. It allows you to share the good, accept the bad, but still focus on the great!

This week, I'd like to start a new tradition. Each Friday (or nearly each Friday ;)) I'll post a good thing, a not-so-good thing, and my favorite thing from the previous week. I'd love to hear yours, too!

This week:
The good: I spent an entire day reading ♥
The not-so-good: I felt down about my figure.
The best: I won TWO giveaways! One from love peace family and one from The Tiny Fig :D

What were yours this week?

PS: This has actually been an amazing week! It was hard to narrow down...I also got to spend time with friends (including a new friend!), started selling prints at The Wonder Craft, continued planning the upcoming trip with my best friend, did some freelance graphic design work, finished something in a new series for the shop [secret!], and had a really good run...What a wonderful week :)


  1. It is a great I idea! ^__^

  2. Good - getting a compliment from a doctor I work with at my internship
    Not-so-good - Having to do a midterm!!!
    The Best -- I'm counting last weekend - went to the best wedding ever! Danced my heart out and had so much fun! Loved seeing how beautiful my friend looked in her dress and with the love of her life!!!

    Great idea! Look forward to seeing more in the future!