Sunday, July 4, 2010

You Amaze Me, Fireworks

Every year I start getting really excited...for fireworks. I dance around and squeal like a small child. And I'm ok with that. Because fireworks are awesome. And this year I'll get to see TWO shows!! On Friday Alex went to the Concerts in the Gardens 4th of July celebration with my parents. It's an annual event that includes a couple hours of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra playing patriotic music with a fantastic fireworks finale! I hadn't been in a few years, but it was just as good as I remember! There's nothing better than eating watermelon in the Botanic Gardens while listening to live music and watching FIREWORKS. Am I right? (A: YES.)

Now I'm off to my in-laws' cookout. They live close to downtown, so we can watch the Austin fireworks show from their front lawn! While eating. I love eating ^_^

Happy Independence Day!!

PS: Also check out my colors of fireworks post on Birds of a Feather :)
PPS: And I'll be uploading more photos to my Flickr :D


  1. I love fireworks, too!!! I can't wait to walk to the park tonight and watch! Hopefully I can get some decent pictures. It's hard because I don't have a fancy schmancy camera. I'll see what I can get. Did you take these pictures? They are gorgeous!! :)

  2. I love them also but we couldn't find one going on tonight in our area and don't want to drive all the way back into south austin for the awesome... LAZY!!!!! =) Enjoy them for me though!!

  3. Yes, I took those at the show I went to Friday :) I just have a little point and shoot, but I have fun with it!

    Hope you had a great 4th :D