Sunday, April 18, 2010

You Amaze Me, Legos

I loved legos as a kid. And I love legos now. When we get a house, we may have to dedicate a portion to lego building. My legos were just regular ol' bricks, with a couple yellow men, windows, and trees. Now there are sooo many kinds and sets! They've got my favorite super heroes, famous architecture, and even robots you can build yourself. Then there are lego artists, who are truly amazing.
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Can you imagine making this stuff? You amaze me, Legos.


  1. i love this post! legos are awesome!

  2. My favorite was the My Little Pony Legos...awesome!

  3. WOW!!! Have you seen the lego stop motion animations? Those are pretty fun!

  4. Legos are the best!! My husband has boxes and boxes!!!!! Currently there are some pirate ships next to his computer, aye aye Captain, there be legos!