Sunday, April 11, 2010

You Amaze Me: Braids

I love, love, love braids. There are so many ways to do them - they can be any style! Country, cute, elegant, sweet or sassy, neat or messy...I love them all! I even had a braid on my wedding day :) [This photo is after we had changed.]
 And here are some eye-candy braids for your enjoyment :)
Woo! I just kept after page on weheart many pretty braids!
Have a great Sunday! I've got to go braid my hair now...;)


  1. I wore braids on my wedding day, too! It looks like we had similar hairstyles - I had two french braids on the sides of my head that came together in a bun in back. I can't wait until my hair is long enough to braid again!

  2. Gorgeous post!! I love the braids!!

  3. Braaaaaaaaiiiids! I freaking love them right now. Can't get enough. I saw a girl with super long hair the other day with pieces braided all over, and at the end of one braid she'd tied on a pretty feather. Totally copying that.

  4. i wish i knew how to french braid my own hair. even though i am 30- i still like it when my big sister is around to braid my hair.