Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Sketchbook!

I'm starting a new sketchbook today! You may remember it from my sketchbook cover project in Style School:

After filling up my old one, I finally get to use it! Underneath that adorrrable cover [;)] is just a regular ol' hardbound, plain, black sketchbook like this one:
I've used a lot of types of sketchbooks, and I can never decide which I like best. My last two were a thick-paged leatherbound, which was gorgeous, and a graph paper softcover that felt oh so lovely in hand (though the paper was thin). I think I actually bought both of those...I'm lucky enough to have friends and family who frequently gift me sketchbooks :)

I know my brother prefers a hard, black, spiralbound sketchbook:
These do lay flat, which is the basis of the appeal for my brother, I think. It's obviously easier to draw if you aren't having to fight your paper down. For me, however, the spiral gets in the way. I get all up in my sketchbook when I draw, haha!

Of course there are the much loved Moleskeins:
I love these for the fact that they are small, plain, and easy to carry. However, they don't lay flat, which can be an issue. And they don't have many pages. But I love them anyway ;) And it doesn't hurt that they come in a million colors!

There are a million options for sketchbooks, but the ones I've mentioned are my favorites :) [click the images for source]

What's your favorite type of sketchbook? What do you use?


  1. this is adorable! i loved style school :)


  2. Very nice! I actually like the hardbound black ones myself...but only because I like to carry mine in my purse (and sometimes that can be a rough ride for my journal! lol). Spirals get bent and messy and hard to open after a while...and, as much as I like Moleskines, the pages are too thin for me (I like to use a felt, fine-tip Sharpie and it bleeds). Ha! I never knew I was so picky (and OCD, apparently! :P)

  3. Ah! Those colours together are STUNNING!
    I don't sketch too often, but I'm using an Ecojot right now for lists and other such things.

  4. I usually end up using the Strathmore spiral sketchbooks because I like the paper and it's easy to find. But I too hate when the spirals get bent: P

    I've been using the same Moleskin for almost 3 years now (so need to draw more!) I really like it. I might just go with another one next.

    And yay for getting to use your cover!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog today. That book cover is really cute!