Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Blog

I've been really tired lately. I don't know why. Oh well! Just letting you know ;)
Today I started working on a secret project [shhh!]....I'm pretty excited though. I hope it goes over well! Hopefully you'll see the results by next week :D

Tonight we're going to go to sushi madness!!! How exciting. I don't do seafood, so I get veggie rolls, which are YUM. I've never been to Kenobi before, but I've heard it's good. Is it weird that I'm more excited about the edamame than the sushi? Oh well ;)
PS: Sushi etiquette (hehe)


  1. Mmmmm, sushi. I wants it. Also, have you ever bought edamame from the store and made it yourself? I discovered this recently and have proclaimed it the BEST INVENTION EVER. Um, let's just say I've been eating a lot of edamame.

  2. Thanks for the sushi etiquette link. I read a book on how to eat sushi once and it was very helpful. This is the cheater sheet version! Love it!