Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Fool...for spring

Yesterday was wonderful. I'm so glad I had Good Friday off of work.
Did you do anything special?
You can see my list on yesterday's post ;)
Here are the photos from my bike ride, when I left behind all my worries.
It was beautiful.
I then picked up a smoothie from the Daily Juice.
(I needed the nourishment.)
And headed to my sister's to dye Easter eggs.
(Check out my post on Birds of a Feather...
and my video tutorial on Robo Roku!)
And there are a million more photos on Flickr.
It was the best way to start a weekend.
Today was really busy too.
I had a great lunch with Renee, catching up and scheming ;)
I ran a couple errands.
And I've done lots of photo editing!
Happy Saturday, all :-)


  1. too awesome! I love bike riding! I went mountain biking yesterday. :)
    xoxo, Katie

  2. Beautiful bike ride pictures!!

  3. Oh wow! Those pictures from your bike ride are so beautiful! I'd love to have a place like that to ride my bike: )

    And next year we definitely have to try dying eggs naturally, those are so cool!