Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'll admit, I was feeling a little discouraged as of late. I think it happens to all of us, although I hope there are people out there who always feel confident and optimistic ;) Anyway, after tasking it easy for two weeks (and by that I mean having a couple nights off and actual lunch breaks), I'm ready to get back to work! A lot of things are in the mix right now, and I can't wait to see how they work out!!

Lately I've been working with Renee (of Robo Roku) on a super secret project! SO super secret that I'm going to tell you a little bit about it {hehe}. It's called CRAFT ACADEMY, and it's going to be awesome. We'll be open for the summer session! And our summer classes are going to be ridiculously fun. I've also been working on a logo, and I think it's pretty cute! But not too cute. I'll be working on it more tonight.

Also, I just signed up for the 78704 Artist Market for Saturday, April 17th! I'll be sharing a booth with Maggie of Assorted Musings by Maggie. Luckily I still have [most of] what I prepared for the market a couple weeks ago (ya know, the one that basically got cancelled due to 40MPH winds). Yay for no last minute stressing out! Of course, I can always make more for it ;) Anyway, cross your fingers for low winds! And if you are in Austin, come by and say hi :D

I've been stepping up my drawing, too, and I think I'm getting a lot better. I haven't yet decided what to do with them... They may appear in my shop :)


  1. Craft Academy sounds awesome!! Need a guest teacher?! :)

  2. I think something is going around - I've heard so many people say that they've been feeling discouraged with themselves lately (myself included). Your stuff is adorable and fantastic and I'm sure things will turn around soon!

  3. that sounds awesome!!! Good luck with getting all together! I'd love to hear more about how it all goes for you!
    I know what you mean, I can get discouraged as well! I love your stuff and always love seeing what you are working on!

  4. Craft Academy??? This sounds great!! I'm ready to hear more! :)

  5. Ooh, Craft academy sounds fun! :) can't wait to hear more about it!
    You should post pictures of your drawings! I love to see other peoples drawings!
    xoxox, Katie

  6. craft academy...great name!


  7. Thank you for the support, everyone! I just love you guys ^_^

  8. Can't wait to see what this is all about!

    You're such a busy girl lately, that's awesome:3