Saturday, January 30, 2010

Busy Bee

Woo! Here are my latest projects!

I finally got around to finishing Project #4 - the fabric pom-pom necklace....but I made it into a headband ^_^ The last thing I need is more volume below my neck :P (TMI?) Honestly, I didn't think I'd like this project at all, but once I got it on my head...I kinda love it. In fact, I may have to see if my sis will let me wear it to her wedding, because I think it would compliment my black dress wonderfully!

Project #11: Button earrings. As you can see, these are not earrings. I was on the fence, but after seeing how big they were on my ears (I'm a small jewelry kind of girl), I decided to go the alternate route and make magnets! You know I adore magnets, don't you? Anyway, they'll look adorable next to all the bottle cap magnets I made!

 Project #12: Handcarved Stamps. I made a whole bunch! This one is my favorite. I knew I wanted to make a tree, but couldn't decide how to do it. Then I looked up on my wall, saw my painting, and =duh= decided to make one like this :-) Oh, and you can check out the rest.

Project #14: Headbands. This is the secondary project (the real one will come soon!). I love love love this gray yarn! I also used it to wrap my wreath (which fell and :'( broke). I had been dying to make one of these for a while, so I'm glad I finally made myself do it! I learned how to crochet a couple weeks ago, but hadn't picked it up again. I still need to find time to learn how to make a granny square! Anyway, the yellow buttons are vintage, as is the gray thread I used to sew them on! How cool is that?

Oh, there is so much going on right now!
• The next Knit for a Cause will be February 16 :D Mark your calendars!
• Style School is half over, which means in 3 weeks I'll actually have tiiime ;)
• 2 of the 3 mini Huggles have sold! Sooo happy I'll have to make more!
• AND I'm making a custom Valentine's Huggle!!! It's gonna be soooo cute!
• Oh, and you know, working full-time, seeing family and friends, etc...;)

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  1. ahh you have been so busy!! Your projects always turn out amazing!! I am nervous about doing the stamp one bc I can not draw lol. I may skip that one ;)