Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bye Bye Bus?

We hope not. Alex first laid eyes on this beauty 3 years ago. I named her "Tweeks" because the mechanic kept saying "two weeks" until he finally got her running three months later (and she always needs tweaking). We love her.

We love camping with her.

We love taking her on joy rides.

But, unfortunately, last week she died. We're not sure yet what's wrong, but it's likely we won't be able to afford to fix her this time. Don't worry, we won't let her go to a junk yard. But we may not be able to keep her. It's a sad day.

In tribute to Tweeks, I offer this.

Tweeks, you're in my heart. For our sake, won't you please get better?


  1. So sad, I would love her too! Sniffle!

  2. Oh that's so sad. I hope it ends up being something easily fixable so you can keep her! I've dreamt of having a van like that since i was a kid. :)

  3. Oh no. I am going to miss her and all our fun rides. I'm happy we at least got one more in, just in case she doesn't make it. We're pulling for her :-*

  4. That bus is amazing!!! I love it! I hope she starts working for you again, you could always use her for something else. Make like a cool room inside or something. just an idea so she doesnt have to go to a junkyard >.<
    Your embroidery is awessome btw

  5. Your bus is adorable! I hope you can fix it, that's so sad =( I really like your embroidery too, such a cute way to remember it

  6. Thanks for the support, everyone! I'm hoping we find out more this weekend..

  7. NOOOO!! I totally understand how it is when a loved vehicle causes troubles. Don't give up!