Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sketchbook Cover (and some more)

Style School Project #5! My sketchbook cover with pockets in my fav colors :D
I may add some more embroidery later. I love it the way it is though too! It has my favorite colors, so I think I'll still like it in the future. It's a verrry snug fit, so I actually left the back flap open on the bottom. I'm glad I'll be able to reuse it once this sketchbook is full.

The front pocket is divided for pencils and pens. The back pocket goes all the way across, which will be perfect if I just want to grab my phone and go sketch somewhere!

And here's what my hubby did while I was at work today!

He hung up my inspiration clipboards and new jewelry "box!" So exciting ^_^ Now I'll have more room on my dresser. Alex and I designed the jewelry holder together, and I think it works really well. Necklaces and bracelets hang down from S-hooks; rings fit inside the channel; earrings can either hang by the hooks or by the channel! And this way I can see all my jewelry when I'm getting dressed (so I'll actually wear it!). Wonderful :)

We're thinking about selling it in my shop. What do you think?


  1. wow your sketchbook looks awesome!!! this gives me so much motivation to work on my projects! awesome job!!

  2. You do some beautiful work. I'm in the Style School as well. This turned out great!!!