Saturday, January 23, 2010

And you thought the holidays were over...

Which holiday are you most looking forward to?

Valentine's Day...

(find it here)

Or Mardi Gras?

 (find it here)

I love love love V-Day and all its ridiculous cheesiness. It's wonderful. I get to make silly cards and gifts for my friends. And I get to eat lots of candy. (PS: The heart was partly inspired by Dexter ^_^)

The closest I've gotten to Mardi Gras is the Brazilian Carnaval celebration in Austin, Texas, which really is a lot of fun. However, I'll be going to New Orleans for the first time ever in two weeks!!! I'm so excited :D (I'm going for a soccer tournament, but the team takes New Orleans more seriously than the soccer ;) hehe)

I'm not going to choose which I like better. I just love having a reason to celebrate! And there are so many coming up :) Valentine's Day, the hubby's birthday (we're having a beer party :P), my birthday (also our 6mo anniversary :D)....and maybe a giveaway in there. Whatcha think? ;D


  1. I LOVE your heart embroiery. Dexter is one of my favorite shows :)

  2. The heart embroidery is sooo neat!!