Friday, January 1, 2010

a room, a box, and a book

Happy New Year!
(This post has nothing to do with that though.)

Here are some things I found today that amaze me...

A Mario room designed as an art installation by Antoinette J. Citizen.
Alex and I have decided that our child's room will look like this. We'll make the question mark boxes light up though ^_^ Blik sells decals for Super Mario Bros, new Super Mario Bros, and Donkey Kong :)

The Shit Box (please excuse my French) by The Brown Corporation - a lightweight portable cardboard toilet. It's completely degradable! Pretty amazing, right?

And I got this book today at Book People. I passed up two other books on my list to get it, so you know it's good. I like that instead of a how-to (which the other two were) it simply shows great design that's out there. Inspiring :-)


  1. wow that room is so sweeeeet! me and my hubby dressed up as Mario and Princess Peach for halloween! lol

  2. That's awesome!! If we ever make this room, we'll have to do that (or maybe without it haha). And the kid can be Toad ^_^