Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yarn-Wrapped Wreath and Polaroid Record Frame

Here's my first Style School project! A yarn-wrapped wreath! I've been wanting to make one for a while, and I finally got an excuse (hehe). I found this gorgeous heather gray yarn just for this project. I made the flowers from t-shirt fabric, and cut the leaves from a cerulean cotton (originally used for Tammy's bag). I love the colors! The flowers are held on by pins, so it will be really easy to switch them out for different seasons/occasions. Maybe I'll make some hearts for V-Day ;)

Next came a record frame project. I used a couple tutorials to give my photos a vintage feel. Here are the photos I printed out:

And the finished product (hard to photograph a frame :P):

I'm having fun so far! Can't wait to start the next project :D
Oh, and I'll be uploading photos to my Flickr as I go - in case I don't have time to blog about each project :) Glad to finally be using it again!


  1. oh I need to add you on Flickr!! You did great on your projects! I'll be posting about my frame too! I still have no clue what color scheme I'm doing yet. I may have to run to the store for more yarn.
    P.S I LOVE the flower touch :D

  2. So nice - I love your wreath! Making it interchangeable for different seasons is brilliant.

  3. Thanks! My wreath is hanging on our door now, and my hubby hung up my record frame while I was at work! My apartment is already looking crafter ;)

  4. I love the Polaroid frame. I think I will do that with some of my pictures this weekend.