Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fabric fabric fabric!

Aren't these just loooooovely?! They're my fabrics for my first few Style School projects ^_^ And maybe a couple others, too! The ones on the left are from Jo-Ann Fabric (purple and yellow are denim, the patterned are cotton). The ones on the right are from Stitch Lab! All my favorite colors....*does a happy dance*

Ta-ta for now! ♥


  1. I have a few pieces of the one on the top left - I think it will definitely be showing up in some of my style school projects, too!

  2. Great choices! I wish my town had a better fabric store!

  3. oh I love your fabric, I cant decide what I want when I go to the store. There are so many choices! I cant wait to see what you make out of it!

  4. Yeah, it's really hard for me to choose! But I'm glad I was able to find alllll my favorite colors :D