Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heart Tree Painting

I finished my new painting today :-) It hangs in our living room above the bookcases we made. Because it is mainly monochromatic, it brings the colorful (tons of books, red table, yellow bench, striped rainbow chairs...) room together. I love my little owl ^.^ The plan was to paint over it when we get tired of it, but I'm not sure I'll be able to ;p

I also did a photoshoot today, thanks to my hubby, for some etsy updates. I listed copies of gifts I made for family and friends for Christmas. I just love them so much I wanted to share with the world! Annnd hopefully I'll earn some money to pay for gifts for others ;) I'm new at the business thing, so if anyone has any suggestions as far as pricing/photos/description goes, please comment!! I'm definitely open to advice :)

Thanks, and happy start of the holiday season! (The Christmas season doesn't officially start for me until after Thanksgiving, but considering I'm handmaking many gifts...I think it's ok :D)


  1. I love the painting! It's very cute. I'm a little sad it's not us, but I realize now that you're married and all, you've got new priorities. (xox)

    My only suggestion is that you might not want to hang up a scarf you're (a) selling or (b) giving as a gift on a dumpster ... even if it is on the side of it ;)

    Love you!

  2. It's not a dumpster, it's a storage unit!! ;)

    Thanks, doll. The initials are just to show who lives here ;) hehe

  3. so when we move in, we'll be added? ;) ;)

  4. They look lovely! I love the colors! What kind of yarn did you use... will you be Stitchin' and Bitchin' with me soon..? xoxo

  5. Thanks! They're Lion Brand bulky weight. LOVE them! They're just a little hard to find :-/ (Of course I just went to Hancock and Hobby Lobby haha)
    So glad you're doing Stitch n' Bitch again!! Was just busy last week :( Will you have one this Thurs?

  6. Hey good luck with the etsy sales. Those scarves look fantastic. Loving that little owl too.

  7. Thank you :) I'm thinking about making my little owl into a screen print! Maybe that'll happen soon..