Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hearts for Haiti

I was supposed to be sewing Style School projects, but then I found this:

"This is an Etsy collective of donated items from hundreds of Etsy shops to raise money to rebuild Haiti. 100% of the proceeds from this shop (minus Etsy fees and Paypal fees) go directly to DoctorsWithoutBorders ( ) in bi-monthly increments...All items include seller-donated free shipping (most worldwide, see individual listing) because the need is SO great, we want you to buy and help support Etsians helping Haiti."

And I just had to help! I just donated this little guy to the shop:

I hope you like him ^_^ His little heart makes me happy.

Moral of the story: Donate by either giving an item to sell or buying something special. Think about it: get something cool for yourself while donating to charity. And free shipping! Perfect deal, no? ;)

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