Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monster Drawings

A few months ago, I came across Stefan G. Bucher's Daily Monster. It inspired me. I had given up on drawing monsters a long time ago, but then I realized my problem. I was trying to draw scary monsters, and I don't like scary things >_< What I needed to try was a monster in my own style. So I practiced until I came up with some I liked :)
These are one style I really like (similar to the style of some of my other illustrations). I've also developed a couple other styles I like too :-) I'm really just glad that I can draw monsters now!! I don't want to have anything I "can't" draw!

Just thought I'd share!


  1. <3 the monster listening to music!!!

  2. Those are really cute! Kudos for trying to draw monsters again: )

  3. those are all really great - love 'em!