Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Granny Squares!

This weekend I was inspired again by granny squares. Have you read my post over on the Birds of a Feather blog? It's full of creative ideas for using granny squares, and I added a couple links so you can make your own ^_^ After doing the whole post, I found enough time to learn myself! (Yay for babysitting :D) I made my first granny square!!!!
How fun :D Let's just say this attempt was far more successful than my first - inside a car, at night, tutorial on my phone - haha! For a while now I've had some ideas for new products for my shop, but first I needed to learn to make these beautiful little guys :) I'm already working on new projectssss!!!! Look for them soon ;)


  1. Yeah for you! They are fun to make! Can't wait to see your new ideas!!

  2. It looks great! Be careful, granny squares are ADDICTING!

  3. They are addicting! I love how you can get one done in such a short amount of time! Nice work!