Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Threads #12

Peace sign t-shirt - Target
Army green shorts - Calvin Klein
Simple shoes
Turtle necklace, a gift from my sister

I hope I can keep thinking of new poses! I'm just so happy that I'm now able to draw different poses without having to use reference photos :D It used to be really, really hard for me. Sometimes they still look a little stiff, but I've come a long way. Looking back through old sketchbooks...whooo.....hehe


  1. Very cute!

    Heh, I swear I draw the same poses over and over again. It's good that you're trying different ones! It's hard, but some will just click and some you'll want to burn;D

  2. I love the outfit! It's something I would definitely wear, too.

    Your drawings always impress me. You are very talented! :)

  3. Suzy: You're so right. Sometimes I redraw the poses over and over, and other times it just kinda happens.
    Marci: Thank you! I know, such a comfy outfit :)

    I always appreciate your comments ^_^