Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy Saturday, Take 5

I'm so happy it's the weekend!
And it's going to be a productive one :D

This morning is taking care of the dogs (we're dog-sitting for my honeymooning sister) and blogging. Have you checked the Birds of a Feather blog lately? Today I did a post - The Colors of New Orleans - that I'm really proud of :D You should go check it out ;)

After this, I'm going to bike [yay for bike rides!] over to meet Renee to talk about Craft Academy :D:D:D I'm sooo excited! You can click on the icon in the sidebar to sign up for the newsletter. Registration will open soon, and classes start next month!!! It's gonna be good.

Then it'll be back home. This is the first Saturday in months that the hubby and I can spend at home together. ^_^ It'll be an afternoon full of laundry, cleaning, and projects, but at least we'll be with each other! Aside from chores, my main goals for today are finishing up some new headbands for the shop and working on my website! The design is done, I just need to implement it.

And tonight I'm babysitting and then going to a housewarming party :-) This is seriously an awesome day. What do you have planned?

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