Saturday, May 8, 2010

Panda Apron!

I had sooo much fun making this for my girlfriend! She requested it when I signed up for Style School, so I made it for her for her birthday :) I used this awesome fabric I found - blue with white stars (because I love stars!!), along with a cerulean cotton and blue and light purple felts. The face is backed with felt, the bottom is doubled. I embroidered the face and ears by hand. I crocheted the neck and waist bands with a dark blue to match the felt. The neck band is attached with buttons (so it's adjustable); the waistband is attached with two loops. Hopefully she'll send me pics of herself in it soon, but in the mean time this is what I have!
Panda face!!!!!! hehe ^_^


  1. I love the pearl necklace + panda apron combo. I think you've inspired me for my "I love my panda apron" photo shoot.

  2. soooooooo cute!! I love it!!

  3. thank yous :D
    Can't wait to see your photos, Melissa!!

  4. I'm a new follower! That apron is SOO beautiful :)!


  5. So cute! I haven't made that apron from class yet, I am waiting on the perfect fabric--thanks for the inspiration! I need to get started on it!