Friday, February 19, 2010

Felt Flowers

For Style School, we are supposed to make a photo garland to string up with embellishments. Truth be told, I'm not much of a garland girl. However, I have my awesome postcard wall:

Alex recently replaced my yarn with wire, so it looks even cleaner - straighter at least. (See the before here.) Eventually we'll probably replace the clothespins with silver binder clips. Then it'll be really slick!

Anyway, I decided to just embellish my postcard wall with the flowers like so:

I really enjoyed making these flowers. I like the creativity within the same canvas - They all started as a purple felt circle, then I added buttons and embroidery thread. And they're all different and fun! I made something similar before for hair clips. I may actually use these flowers to attach to a headband like this one! Wouldn't that be cute?

PS: More photos on Flickr.
PPS: WOW! I have 50 followers! Thanks for the support, everyone :D Just in time for an upcoming giveaway, too....;D


  1. oh I love the garland!! I like the clean look and I think adding those flowers will make it have that added touch of cuteness!

    P.S I just posted a giveaway on my blog!

  2. So cute! I have a photo line in my office, and this project has also inspired me to spruce it up a bit.

    (ps - now you have 51 followers; how was I not following before??)

  3. too cute! Btw, I featured you tree handcarved stamp on my blog:

  4. I really like these! Perfect way to make my postcards even better!!!