Saturday, February 13, 2010

Car Accessories

Here are some car accessories I made for Style School project #19. I had a lot of fun making the yarn-wrapped wire pieces last night! I worked on them while playing games with some friends. I used some wire I had (not even sure what gauge it is) and some pliers to make the shapes. The teal yarn I found in an old stash, and the gray yarn is from my broken (T_T) wreath. I'd really like to make more, but first I have a whole bunch of projects to catch up on ;-)

And of course, you can see more photos on my Flickr!

And MORE exciting news: One of my emoticon pillows was featured over on Essyhach's blog today ^_^ Check it out!


  1. I love them! I need to work on this project, too! I've gotten really behind :(

  2. love your style school projects so far!! i need to get working on mine, i feel sooo far behind :(

    you have a beautiful and inspiration blog! i love it!!!

  3. Thank you, dears :)

    I know - it's so hard to keep up with all the projects! And only a week left!

    Can't wait to see how yours turn out, too :D

  4. wow those are so cute! you have been doing awesome with all the projects!