Monday, February 1, 2010

Stamp Making

I thought I'd let you see the rest of my stamps :) Though I will be making more eventually, I'm sure.

I had a =duh= moment. I was trying to think of stamps to make that would be really me/my style. And then I remembered about my "Things I Love" drawing! =DUH= :P It helped me think of some ideas for stamps.

And there we have it, things I love ^_^

I've wanted to try my hand at stamp making for a while now, but I had too many other things going on (not to mention I was too cheap to go out and buy the tools).  This class is really making me do a few things: (a) actually spend the money to (b) try things I'd been wanting to do anyway, (c) thinking about my own style as I (d) finish them. It's really wonderful. The other Style School students are so motivational and supportive! It's a gift to have met them[/you] and be in contact throughout the projects (and hopefully afterward!) :-)


  1. wow... your stamps are so pretty! My fav is the panda!! LOVE!! I am still nervous about this project, not to mention I cant have rubber anywhere lol

  2. Thanks :D Next I want to try bigger ones! Guess I'll have to go back to Michael's to find more rubber..

  3. I love that woodgrain heart one! I would totally buy that for my apt if it was bigger ;)