Sunday, February 7, 2010

You Amaze Me: Japanese Street Style

I love Japanese Street Style. I own Fruits and Fresh Fruits by Shoichi Aoki, which are photo books of the fashion (and I highly recommend them!). I just flip through those books and get the urge to create. I love the colors and the layers...I love the confidence with which they wear their clothes! I think most of all what I love is how happy it is ^_^
 How cute is she?? I'm in love with her glasses!

 Check out the socks!

I'm not big into pink, but I want that bag.
(above photos from Japanese Streets)

Apparently you can rock overalls.

I want her hair AND her dress.

Okay, now that's a handsome outfit.

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  1. im doing a project currently on japanese fashion, they are so major there. I feel you on their creativity and individualism!