Monday, February 22, 2010

Brisk Blue

I painted my nails today. I'm not a big nail painter - maybe a couple times a year. Usually if I do my nails, they're pearl. I save the bright colors for my toes! THIS TIME however, I painted my nails "brisk blue." I kiiind of love them. I like that it's a matte finish, so I'm not completely distracted. Wonderful! Okay, enough about that, onto beautiful blue photos! Enjoy ;)

Blue makes me happy (especially paired with green and/or purple!)
Hope these pretty pictures brighten your day!


  1. Love the nail color! I think I want to paint mine yellow next!

  2. Me, TOO! I just haven't been able to find the color yellow I want...they're too pale. But when I do, it WILL happen ;D hehe

    You should post pics of your yellow nails!

  3. Cute! I love blue - I've been thinking about trying blue nails. Yours look adorable.

  4. Love those blue nails. I'm a huge fan of bright, obnoxious nails - mine are purple right now :)

  5. LOVE the blue color, my nails are aqua right now! Not sure what color I want to do next, I'm pretty hooked on this one right now :)

  6. i don't paint my nails much either but i love that blue on you!