Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Threads #1

Originally I was thinking of starting a Wednesday feature called "Wardrobe Wednesday," but I really like the sound of "Thursday Threads!" We'll see what sticks ;) Anyway, I figure this weekly feature will include something to do with wardrobe, be it what I'm wearing, what someone else is wearing, or just a certain type or clothing. I'll start it off with a drawing I did of my outfit last Friday :D It's done in sharpie pen, pigment liners, and Copic markers.
I really enjoy drawing what I'm wearing when I think I look cute. I feel kind of awkward taking full-body self portraits (maybe I'll be better when I finish P90X ;)), but I LOVE drawing! I'm hoping to be able to do at least one of these a week. And I'm so happy to feel like I can put together a cute outfit - even a casual one :) Anyone else do self-portraits to record their wardrobe?


  1. I like the drawings! It's fun seeing one's take on their outfit by drawing it.

    Have you seen this?

    I've been wanting to join, but keep forgetting.

  2. I love this! I hope it does stick =) and I really like the title, I'm glad you went with Thursday Threads. This is also a really good idea to get back in the swing of drawing... I think I might try and start sketching out my outfits when I get a chance =)

    I think it'd be especially fun to draw what you would LIKE to be wearing, or inventing outfits you don't own, etc =)

  3. gap skinny jeans are the only ones that look good on me, love them :)

    I like "thursday threads" too.

  4. Cool find, Suzy! I just joined :)
    I used to sometimes draw what I would LIKE to be wearing...I think fashion design would be fun! But it's probably not my forte >_< hehe
    Yay for gap skinny jeans!